Affordable Log Home Packages In Minnesota

This process I'm about to propose is user friendly and very reasonably priced -
If you are on a budget and want a new log home here is how you can do it.

Yes, you can build a log home yourself without the hassle and expense of a general contractor.

Yellowstone Log Homes of Minnesota is currently offering log packages, Not Kits -
These packages are custom to each owner, you can do it yourself.

The logs are milled, & Swedish coped at 9" up to 16" in diameter, they are a mixture of Douglas Fir and Lodge Pole pine that are standing dead from the fires in Yellowstone and the surrounding area, they are then harvested and sent to Rigby, Idaho where they mill the logs and ship them out from their facility.

The moisture content is at 16% which are stamped grade dry, meaning very minimal shrinkage.

We will supply all the logs needed to build the structure, included will be all of the special cut parts including the ridge logs, and cut to your roof pitch, including top wall cuts, ridge and the purlin flats.

Loft logs - all will be flat sided, all corner notches, all posts with saddle notches to fit the above logs.

All the overhang logs stepped to the outside; the overhang logs will come to your specifications, with 3ft.,4ft. or 6ft. overhangs on the gable ends.

All the notches will be included, and all of the proper roof pitches pre-cut for you, I have designed house for many years.

These custom packages will come ready to stack up and are very user friendly on the market today.

All custom to your needs and wants, a very affordable log build.

Yellowstone Log Homes of Minnesota will supply a handbook that will show you how to erect the log package.

Email Matt for more information on pricing - Plan Books are available, email request.